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Barrack Rules and Regulations

            As a soldier living in the barracks there are very few policies soldier have to follow. As soldiers, your living quarters should be in regulation, ready for inspection at all times. If any rule or regulation is ignored by any soldier there will be punishment for this. We are soldiers 24/7, keeping our living quarters in standard is apart of our job. Windows in the barracks, windows should be up or down. Windows are not to be left open when the soldier assigned to the room is not present. The screens are placed on the windows for a reason, so they are not to be removed at ANY time. The importance of keeping your windows closed is for your own safety and the safety of your belongings.
             Food and cooktops, food is to be put into the trash ONLY. This is to keep bugs, and other insets and mouse out of the rooms. The cooktops, they have a timer that you have to set yourself, turn the timer on and turn it off when finished DO NOT LEAVE the timers on. Always make sure your cook tops are turned off and not hot each time before leaving your room. All shower components should never be moved or disassembled. TA-50 gear is only to be cleaned in the mudroom. Do not hang any gear on the shower rods, towel rods, or closet rods. Make sure sinks, bathtub, and toilets do not overflow. If plunging does not help with toilet overflow, call in a work order. .
             Microwaves are to be cleaned after use. Do not place metal objects in the microwave to prevent fire. Do not overload circuits and electric receptacles. Receptacles are rate up to 15 amps which accommodates a computer, printer, TV, VCR, and a game console. .
             As a barracks soldier, your room key card should be taken care of. Room key cards should be clean, dry, and free from damage and bending. Always store away from electronics in your pocket, cell phone, iPod, etc. If you have trouble opening your door on the first try, wipe the card stripe on a cloth and try again to swipe, slowly.

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