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Gun Control: A Necessity for a Safer America

             Rangel, the United States Representative for New York's 13th District, stated, "No American should live in fear of going to work or sending their kids to school. Let's end the fear. Let's enforce existing gun laws (Rangel)." This example supports the idea that gun laws should be enforced to keep people in America from living in fear. As of today, gun laws are not strict enough to keep Americans out of harms reach; however, this problem needs to be solved. Research shows that having stricter gun laws in the United States will reduce the amount of overall violence by increasing the safety in America. The laws prohibiting Americans from firearms in The United States should be increased to increase the safety of citizens by restricting the types of weapons, giving more in-depth background checks, and increasing the punishment for illegal gun possession. The number of shootings in America has risen over the past couple years due to some firearms in circulation. .
             Gun violence needs to be stopped to secure better the safety of the American people. Out of the 50 states in America, only 41 have gun laws which regulate the production, sale, and ownership of firearms. With all the gun laws in The United States, the number comes out to around 20,000 different laws (Gottfried). Statistics show the 40% of all American homes own a firearm. Around 100,000 Americans are injured due to weapon related causes every year. Of these 100,000 Americans around 72% of the violent killings are done by the hands of a gun holder. This tragic number also accounts for the 300 children who are killed by guns every year. There need to be higher gun regulations to reduce these numbers, and 57% of Americans agree ("Background on Gun Control"). This number of Americans also accounts for major deadly shootings in the United States. Americans need to have stricter gun laws on firearms to reduce these deadly shootings.

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