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Gun Control - Less Crime in America

            Being able to have all of your rights as an American citizen is almost a necessity to be assured that you are actually free. Although repealing the Second Amendment even more, may be the result in less crime in America, it's an unacceptable idea, an unacceptable idea to take the rights of an American away from them if they had never done anything fallacious in the first place. Gun control is a culture war that issues on what liberals and conservatives often don't even listen to each other, or even come to a conclusion on the same subject. Gun owners, especially the all out supporters who belong to the N.R.A. are more than likely to oppose anything that does not support their 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms. According to a recent poll at John Hopkins University, they surveyed people, and in New England they aren't by any means conservative, they're mostly liberal and democratic, but "A sizable 89 percent of all respondents, and 75 percent of those identified as NRA members, support universal background checks for gun sales" (Murray, Po, "Dear Task Force Members." www.cga.ct.gov). This may seem like there is no chance for your rights to stay, but in reality you don't need guns "bigger" than a handgun (i.e. assault rifles, or tactical shotguns) if you're living in an urban area, now I'm not saying by any means you don't need guns bigger than a handgun, its just not really necessary. If you took this survey somewhere in the Northwest or Southeast, it's more likely to be seen at a completely different point of view. Where most of these numbers would be completely flipped around. .
             Your Second Amendment is your right, the right to do what it explains. "Last week, after a month of demonstrations, Target became the latest business to request shoppers leave their guns at home in an effort to maintain a 'family-friendly shopping and work experience.

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