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Gun Control

             Many people have different views on gun control. Some of these are good; some of the views are bad. Many may disagree with gun control, but statistics show that gun control should be expanded and enforced to reduce crime with handguns. Gun control will help everyone in the country have a better environment to live in. It will make crime stop and also make the death rates go down. These laws will truly help the U.S. benefit in the long run. There are many ways to the coming of these new gun control laws, but it is truly up to the people around the world and in the U.S. to obey the laws 100 % in order for the gun control do's and donts to work.
             Many people wonder if gun control works, and the answer is yes gun control does work. In 1976, in Washington, D.C. the state enforced a new law saying, whoever lawfully owned a firearm had sixty days to register it. Then, after sixty days, newly acquired handguns became illegal. The suicide rate fell to 23% (Bogus 184). Now, just think how nice it would be if gun control were enforced all over the world therefore causing the fall in gun accidents. There is not much that anyone can say badly about gun control, except that it helps prevent crime all around the world.
             Some people will ask the big question, why does gun control not work? If gun control did not exist, then all of the following would take place forever. There are over 35 million handguns in America and a quarter of these guns are in households (Bogus 190). Handguns killed 34,000 Americans last year, more than 60,000 were injured, and about a quarter of a million were held at gunpoint (Bogus 186). 20,000 to 22,000 people die each year due to handguns and only 4 % of homicides were due to self-defense (Sugarman 224). In 1985, people known by the victim committed 58 % of all murders and only 15% were total strangers (Sugarman 274). The U.S. is the most violent country in the world; in 1983, thirty-five people were killed in Japan, eight in Great Britain, twenty-seven in Switzerland, six in Canada, seven in Sweden, ten in Australia, and 9,014 in America due to no handgun laws (Sugarman 277).

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