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Business Plan - Pandofandlejoie Breweries, Inc.

             produces products of high quality and impeccable taste that nurtures a sense of community by bringing people together.
             Vision Statement.
             Pandofandlejoie Breweries Inc. will produce only the highest quality ales and lagers that will help redefine the International beer culture, and reeducate the consumer about what beer is supposed be.
             Operate a profitable business whose annual growth is fueled by exceptional employees who are given opportunities for development, challenging work, candid communication, autonomy, and support.
             Participate in the continuous improvement of our local community through partnerships with local artists, nonprofit arts organizations, and like-minded businesses.
             Grow the bottom line by designing a corporate culture that recruits exceptional talent who produce exceptional products, and provide exceptional service in an authentic, thoughtful, and artistic manner.
             Create a broad spectrum of extraordinary beers that can be savored by customers at all phases in the evolution of their palettes.
             Constantly push ourselves to go above and beyond all expectations of our retail and distribution partners, customers, and co-workers.
             Company Information.
             Pandofandlejoie Breweries Inc. was established in 2014 at the request of our International Business Professor, Dr. Jean Doe in relation to our final paper – The International Business Plan. The company has four partners. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Janet Doe: 20 years International Business experience in Corporate Management and Human Resources. Chief Operating Officer (COO) – Jason Doe: 10 years International Business experience most recently in Beijing China as the Training and Development Officer at XYZ Company and now located in Bussan Korea. Chief Information Officer (CIO) – Jane Doe: 15-years of experience in Information and Communication Technology. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) – John Doe: 18 years of experience as Marketing and Business Educator.

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