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Citigroup Inc.

             Objectives and Goals of the Company 2.
             Internal Structure and Operations of the Company 5.
             External Environment of the Company 6.
             The Dow Jones Diversified Financial Index 6.
             Competitors 6.
             Rankings and Market Share 7.
             Competitive Factors within the Industry 7.
             Consumers of Services 7.
             Suppliers of Raw Materials and Services 7.
             Potential Entrants into the Industry 8.
             Competitor Profiles 8.
             Strengths and Weaknesses of Competition 8.
             Market Opportunities and threats to the Industry 8.
             Environmental Scanning 9.
             Economic Conditions 9.
             Government Regulations 9.
             Technological Developments 9.
             Reference Section .12.
             Works Cited .14.
             Citigroup, Inc.
             Citigroup Inc. travels under an old umbrella and pours on the competition. Predecessor Travelers Group was founded in 1864 by businessmen in Hartford, Connecticut. Travelers soon added life insurance, annuities, and liability insurance; in 1897 it issued the first auto policy. It later added group life, and sold President Woodrow Wilson the first air travel policy (Hoover's, xxx). .
             One hundred and two years later, the newly consolidated Citigroup ranked first in assets with $82.1 billion, first in earnings with $9.994 million, as well as first in revenue with $82,005 million.
             Citigroup, a Dow 30 company that flashes a C on the ticker, has made quite an impression on the stock market since Sanford Weill constructed the 1998 merger that combined Travelers Group and Citicorp. It now has a value of $30.38/share , with a volume of 15,101,800 and currently has 5,060,938,000 outstanding shares.
             Sanford "Sandy- Weill has merged corporations with corporations and purchased company after company throughout the market in search of the best financial services possible. There are now 13 subsidiaries of Citigroup that work hand in hand to keep the powerhouse running. .
             In order to maintain a successful business, you must not only be active at the workplace, but also in the eye of the public. We have divided our public relation areas into categories.

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