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Garbage To Fuel: Technology's Impact on Saving the Earth

Is It Possible to Turn Garbage Into Fuel with Plasma? This new technology still has many drawbacks.


Emile by Jean Jacques Rousseau

The story and background of the classic Emile, penned by Swiss philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau.


California's ban on same-sex marriage

The essay researches the ban of same-sex marriage in the state of California.


Government's Enforcement of Mandatory Speeding Law's

America is a country that is torn between doing what is safe and perhaps in the best interest of the nation versus what is the easiest way to accomplish the list of demands that faces almost every American on a daily basis. Sometimes the Federal Government has to step up to the plate and mandate some laws and take some action but once they do is there any way to turn back from them?


Is Algae the Answer to our Dependence on Foreign Oil?

If scientist who are researching the power of algae have their way, it may well be the answer to our dependence on foreign oil. This essay explores the possibilities of having our cars run on green gasoline in the future.


Heroin: The Lifelong Addiction Reminder

Heroin is a powerful narcotic that affects the brain and is highly addictive. It is commonly used as a recreational drug for the intense euphoria it induces. Once the person becomes addictive to heroin, due to person's tolerance, it becomes harder and harder to achieve the same euphoria. This is where the vicious cycle starts, the addict "lives to use and uses to live." Obtaining their drug is the most important thing in addict's mind and life.


Human Trafficking: 12 Million Silent Victims

The United Nations estimates that there are approximately 12 million people living in slavery today; the non-governmental organization Free the Slaves pegs the number at 27 million (Tran, 2007, p.22). Indeed, it seems difficult to associate the shiny new world of the 21st century with an ancient crime that objectifies and commercializes human beings.


Hamas: from Terrorism to Politics

Hamas believes that the Zionist colonization scheme can only be extirpated through a holy struggle in which armed struggle is a basic instrument. Hamas also sees that the best way to conduct the fight with the Zionist enemy is to mobilize the resources of the Palestinian people to raise the banner of struggle in Palestine and to keep the embers of conflict burning until the conditions for a decisive battle with the enemy are complete.


Leadership in the Criminal Justice System

Like any other organization, the criminal justice system also employs management and leadership to guide the system. Leadership in the criminal justice systems also covers such as the leadership styles, span of control, and command.


The Effects of Diet Pills on Women

Individuals who choose to purchase fashion magazines and beauty products actively contribute to a context in which they are more likely to compare themselves with unrealistic images and use diet pills to attempt to achieve this false perfection.


What are Addictive Behaviors?

Historically, substance abuse has been portrayed to mirror the lower class. It has been regarded as a disease that plagues only a specific group of people. Currently that is no longer the case as high profile celebrities and white collar; well respected upper class people have brought their addiction stories to the forefront.


Is Sarah Palin getting a raw deal?

Are you wondering if Sarah Palin is getting a raw deal? After all, the media has given her a hard time. Here's an essay on what I think and how all of this attention is really working out for the ex-GOP vice president pick.


The Housing Sector, Interest Rates and Unemployment Examined

The housing trade is for the most part influenced by a few recurring issues, which includes interest rates, employment levels, demographic shifts and consumer confidence. Each of these measures, with the exception of consumer confidence, presently sustains a well-built housing market.


Argentine In Default on Billions of Dollars in US

Argentine President Cristina Kirchner was recently in America for the UN General Assembly being held in New York City. The problem with this is, that puts her right in the fire, so to speak. She and her country have defaulted on billions owed to the United States.


Global Social Inequality Reveals the Cracks in our System

With the increase in income worldwide comes greater inequality. As the rich become richer, the poor are becoming ever more poor. Who says we can't do anything? The following statistics will show you exactly how much we are wasting.


Tips For Balancing School And Work Responsibilities

Balancing school and work can be daunting at time, especially if others are dependent on your success at both. This essay looks at the major factors involved in being successful at balancing school and work responsibilities.


The Unspoken Issue of Poverty in America

Poverty in America and the role of Human Service workers.


Was Bruce Ivins the Anthrax Killer?

Bruce Ivins may have convinced people that he was in fact the Anthrax Killer, however the list of unanswered questions that remained after his capture leave many scientists wondering.


Diet and Its Effect on Energy Level

Certain foods prove that you are what you eat by directly affecting your energy level. Choose wrong and you could feel sluggish, choose correctly and your energy can go through the roof. This essay details the effects of diet on a body's energy level.


Back to School Organizational Tips

Getting organized for back to school is never easy. However, with new technology and applications like the Google Calendar, homework calendars, and firm routines, getting into the swing of going back to school can be a breeze.


The Effects of the American Economic Crisis

American families are losing their purchasing power as rising costs in basic necessities - food and gasoline - continue to take more of their income. Families, forced into cutting back on "luxuries" such as fresh fruit and milk or gasoline to get to work, are struggling to maintain their standard of living and worrying about what's ahead.


The Obama Fear Factor

Are Americans afraid to vote for Barack Obama simply because he is black? Although the 'fear factor' is often discussed on news programs, the hosts fail to delve deeper to find the truth. In this essay, the writer cites several reasons for the 'fear factor' as Obama runs for president-and why he will have a very tough time convincing Americans to vote for him.


The Benefits of Eating Locally Produced Foods

A discussion of the benefits of eating locally-produced foods.


New Offshore Drilling Bill Proposes Big Changes

This essay discusses a new bill that would greatly improve the chances of finding better sources of energy in the future. It discusses implications and possible solutions that Senate is discussing.


What is the Russia Georgia Conflict

The news often highlights the effects of the Russia-Georgia conflict, but few go into details about the history of this ordeal. Learn about the roots of this battle.