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Leadership in the Criminal Justice System

             Like any other organization, the criminal justice system also employs management and leadership to guide the system. Leadership in criminal justice systems also covers such as the leadership styles, span of control, and command. To attain the common goals, it is therefore important to understand the different roles of the system and likewise it is imperative that each member of the system has a clear identification of his function to avoid complications. Furthermore, the criminal justice system embodies the different laws and regulations. As such, it is significant that the members of the system fully apply these rules and regulations as they are in authority when it comes to providing justice to everyone therefore they must be fair in their undertakings. .
             Leadership and Justice System.
             Leadership involves the commitment, dedication, and risk taking attitude of the individual. It also includes his communications and learning skills necessary to accomplish his tasks. According to Stogdill (1974) that it is important for a leader to be responsible, task oriented and persistent in his goals and he or she should the initiative, sound decision making skills, socially adept, confident and self reliant to fulfill his purpose. Individuals in charge in the Criminal Justice have "the responsibility for holding people against their will," for example, prisoners, parolees, and probationers. Hence, a certain level of supervision not only for these people but also for their staff is needed. It is imperative then that the job entails the ability to execute power effectively.
             According to Kevin Wright (1999) "an agency that is dragged down by excessive use of force, corrupt and illegal behavior, and unethical practices will invariably find an unhealthy criminal justice organization. Staff will not be happy. Morale will be low. A strong sense of mission will be lacking. Tension will exist between staff and management.

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