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The Effects of Diet Pills on Women

             Advertisement plays a role in making the diet pill a household name as many women became desperate in shedding their extra pounds. What really attracted women to try these so called miracle pills? For one, women internalize the advertisers" statement how effective weight control products are and they adopt this ideal since social class values a thin physique (Tylka and Subich, 1). According to Irving that a reciprocal relationship proposition has been made available explaining that between the individuals and the mass media in that individuals who choose to purchase fashion magazines and beauty products actively contribute to a context in which they are more likely to compare themselves with unrealistic images, feel inadequate as a result of this comparison, and therefore take action to attain such ideals. .
             Moreover, Cleland et al claimed that most advertisements that promote weight loss supplements present strategies that are too-good-to-be-true like losing a pound after a day or more, substantial weight (without surgery) without diet or exercise; and losing the weight regardless the amount of food intake (viii). Aside from these, several categories were derived as to the role of advertisers in promoting the weight loss pills and persuading women to try the products:.
             Consumer Testimonials; Before/After Photos. Women are drawn to the testimonials of individuals who experienced the product claiming its effectiveness. Aside from this, advertisers often use celebrities and other powerful individuals to endorse their products and who would not be attracted with the perfect body of the celebrity? There are pictures presented before the product is used showing an obese person and an after taking the product? There is the picture of that same person but now slender and healthy looking. Still, other advertisers use the testimonies of ordinary individuals to make the advertisement more attached to the consumers.

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