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How the Media Affects Women's Body Image Satisfaction

            American women have all witnessed the "thin is beautiful" message portrayed by the media, and many have adopted harmful tactics to try and lose those "extra pounds". This message has been the cause of the many deadly eating disorders that are popular in today's society. Some of these diseases are bulimia, anorexia, and also the usage and dependence on diet pills. These disorders start out as a means to lose weight, and are usually found in women, but can also affect men. "The disorder usually develops in adolescence, nine times out of ten in females" (Myers, Exploring pg.433).
             It is clear why teens, especially girls, are susceptible to eating disorders.Studies done by psychology professors at the University of Rhode Island showed.
             that, to men, thinness is more important in a romantic partner than anything else.The men that participated in this study acknowledged that they would refuse to date.
             someone that was not "thin enough". The media, including television and magazines, add even more pressure on young girls. Through the media, girls get the idea that being thin means being beautiful. When young women view magazine.
             pictures of ultra-thin models, the feelings of shame, guilt and body dissatisfaction can occur. These images are detrimental to a healthy body image, particularly in.
             adolescent and adult females. .
             "Models and actresses are role models for young women in society. U.S. models of a generation ago weighed eight percent less than the average woman; today they weigh twenty-three percent less, which makes the average model thinner than ninety-five percent of all women. Most of today's models and actresses have hardly half than twenty-two to twenty-six percent of the body fat of an average.
             woman." (Myers, Exploring pg. 435).
             "Mary is a fifteen year old who, having reached five-foot three inches and a hundred pounds, decided she needed to loose weight to enhance her attractiveness.

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