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The CDC Takes Action Against the MRSA Skin Infection

            The CDC is in the process of a new initiative to get the word out about MRSA. MRSA, as most will remember, is a type of staph bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics, and is often found in hospitals and other health facilities. .
             The new initiative is a plan to reach out to the general public in the places that they communicate most in an effort to give everyone a better understanding of how MRSA is spread, how to prevent it, and what to do if you think you might have contracted it.
             The CDC will be going into Web sites, mom blogs, using web banners, putting out fact sheets, placing posters in visible locations, making public service announcements on the radio, and using various other media sources to get the word out. It is the belief of CDC as well as other medical personnel that the more informed the public is about MRSA, the better control can be kept on its spread. "Recognizing the signs and receiving treatment in the early stages of a skin infection reduces the chances of the infection becoming severe or spreading," said Dr. Rachel Gorwitz, a pediatrician and medical epidemiologist.
             In identifying MRSA, it should be known that it usually first shows itself as a bump or inflamed area that is infected. It's often swollen, red, warm, or even painful, and can be paired with a fever. If you know anyone that matches these symptoms, you should get them to a doctor so that they can be checked out by a professional.
             Parents can also help out by informing their kids on how to keep their hands clean by washing often and taking care of cuts and other injuries as soon as they occur. In other words, if 'Timmy' gets a scraped knee by falling down while playing, it would be best for him to go in to a parent and have it cleaned and taken care of right away instead of brushing himself off and going back to play with his friends.
             If you do find out that you have MRSA, you should keep it covered so that it will not spread to others.

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