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Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tear

ACL stands for "Anterior Cruciate Ligament." It is the tissue that connects the thighbone to the shinbone at the knee. It is also one of the most common ligaments in the body to get injured and is particularly common among athletes in football, basketball, soccer and even tennis. The tearing of the ACL affects the ligaments ability to keep the knee stable as the ACL is also the ligament that joins the femur and the tibia. ACL is one of the four main ligaments found in the knee. The other three ligaments found in the knee include the medial collateral, lateral collateral and posterior cruciate. Approximately 200,000 ACL injuries take place annually. When a patient suffers from ACL injury they often have swelling on the knee and feel unstable alongside with a sharp pain. When looked at the cause of this injury we


Should Everyone Have Driving Privileges?

The United States has a long history of immigration. This gorgeous country was founded by immigrants and those people fought for our independence from tyrants. Over the years, immigration has slowly developed a negative stigma. This harsh reality is due to the plethora of illegal immigrants that came into the country seeking a better life and the hope of the American Dream. For most that dream, is just that, a dream. While pursuing the American Dream, illegal aliens depend on entitlements, 62% of illegal immigrants are on some type of public assistance (Camarota). While this group of people is residing illegally in this country, they are pursuing one more American liberty; the privilege to conduct a motor vehicle. The practice of allowing undocumented people licenses is legal in 10 states, including California. Granting American liberties and privileges to non-Americans will only create more cultural issues and division. Proponents of ensuring driving privileges to illegal immigrant


Book Overview - City of God by St. Augustine

Born and raised as a Roman Catholic, my parents tried their best to mold me not just into a kind and obedient kid but to be a girl with a strong faith in God. I remember that our apartment didn’t have just one but a couple of altars. At a very young age, I was taught how to make the sign of the cross, I was given a kiddie book about the Life of Saints and a sort of children’s bible and that going to Mass every Sunday was a requirement. During Christmas season, I was being brought to Church at 4 in the morning even though I’ll just sleep for the whole duration of the Mass, because Mom said that whenever I complete the “Misa de Gallo,” Jesus will grant me any wish I made. Religion to an innocent girl back then meant that following what it preaches can make you a good and happy person. It seemed promising and like “a guide to living a perfect life.” This is how my parents made religion look in a little girl’s eyes. But even as a kid; homeless people, kids with no parents,


Whitewashing is Beautiful - The Bluest Eye

Beauty plays a highly influential role through Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye. Morrison’s novel highlights the ideals of the south in the 1940’s, displaying middle to upper-class ideals of beauty - which seem centered upon whiteness and proves to be harmful to young black girls living in this time. Not only is the novel focused on the effect of these unrealistic standards of beauty on young black girls, but it also shows how it affects others, such as the adult women in the novel as well. Each character craves the desire for a trait that is withheld only within the conventional white- American standards of beauty; whether it is blue eyes, lighter skin, or straighter hair. In magazines, movies, and on cups, only white beauty is celebrated as beautiful, leaving women of color out of the picture - or typically, in the background. Prioritizing white features as the standard for beauty proves itself as being a socially constructed ideal - something many people strive for, but cannot p


Healthcare and the Opinion of Aquinas

Healthcare insurance was invented in the 1920’s at Baylor University in Dallas, Texas. The hospital was the first to start a prepaid health care program; this was the first instance of health insurance in the United States. Healthcare has saved many of those whom cannot afford the overpriced bills at the hospital. Those who benefit from health care the most is the lower class, with the minimum wage they can barely pay to put food on the table. By Aquinas’s political thought, he would be in favor for the best change in healthcare for all of the society. Aquinas would be for healthcare coverage for all due to being, Aquinas believes that the past can be a learning lesson for the future, and believes laws should be revised as much as possible (pg 71). What Aquinas believes in natural law self-preservation is important due to being all people know their natural law with reasoning. Aquinas states, “your law is inscribed on the hearts of human beings, and indeed no wickedness wipes it


Business Plan - Pandofandlejoie Breweries, Inc.

Executive Summary Mission Statement Pandofandlejoie Breweries Inc. produces products of high quality and impeccable taste that nurtures a sense of community by bringing people together. Vision Statement Pandofandlejoie Breweries Inc. will produce only the highest quality ales and lagers that will help redefine the International beer culture, and reeducate the consumer about what beer is supposed be. Operate a profitable business whose annual growth is fueled by exceptional employees who are given opportunities for development, challenging work, candid communication, autonomy, and support. Participate in the continuous improvement of our local community through partnerships with local artists, nonprofit arts organizations, and like-minded businesses. Grow the bottom line by designing a corporate culture that recruits exceptional talent who produce exceptional products, and provide exceptional service in an authentic, thoughtful, and artistic manner. Create a broad spectrum of extrao


Organizations and Employee Retention

Abstract Employee retention can be achieved in every organization when the employees are motivated and inspired by their managers or supervisors. Although employees are motivated by salary, most employees are 99% more motivated by seven other human resource needs that are crucial for managers to figure out. Retaining employees includes empowering them such as; train them for other jobs, give them responsibility for projects, offer constant informal feedback, and offer them access to many different kinds of information. A knowledgeable manager who motivates and inspires employees to perform will benefit any organization for the reason that they will enhance employee retention and decrease turnover. Keywords: Leadership, Retention, Motivation Managing and Measuring Employee Retention Organizations today need managers who are knowledgeable business partners skilled at managing change. How do you “Manage and Measure Employee Retention?” SimpleMotivate to perform! Managers need loyalt


Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It

Elizabeth Royte - Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It. “What drives this obsessive thirst-this compulsion to pay for something we can essentially get for free?” Royte analyzes the differences between bottle water and tap water. What kind of water should we be drinking? According to Royte, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) tells us that the United States have one of the safest water supplies in the world. Cynthia Dougherty, Director of the EPA’s Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water, states, “I wouldn’t hesitate to drink tap water anywhere in the country.” Royte also points out that Dr. Ronald B. Linsky of the National Water Research Institute said in Avoiding Rate Shock; making a case for Water Rates, a report published by the American Water Works Association, “You have a very high assurance of safe, high-quality drinking water.” Royte also states that according to the NRDC (National Resources Defense Council), you can drink most cities tap water without a problem. Royte claims that by drinking tap water, you have zero waste and cost, for eight glas


Descriptive Essay - An Exciting Day

Every young kid loves to be thrilled in some way, whether it be from trying something new or going to a new location. Excitement is something that seems to overwhelm the body and most of the time we always choose something that seems more exciting and enjoyable. Looking back, I’d remembered the day as if it were yesterday. It was a dark, rainy day and right before our spring break. Dad insisted we go and get something to eat and we’d all agreed upon getting pizza. I remember walking in, it was the first time we’d been in the Pizza Hut since the remodel. I remember going in and seeing all the new jerseys hanging on the wall from our local high school. When you stepped foot in the door you could smell a very odd mixture of the newly put on paint and pizza. After we got settled in we ordered our drinks and proceeded to talk about everyone’s day. Everyone agreed on how much it was gloomy due to the rain. Our drinks arrived, and as I took a sip of my refreshing cherry Pepsi my dad said to us, “I have an idea.” We all lo


The Welfare State and Social Systems

The welfare state is defined as a social system in which a government is responsible for the economic and social welfare of its citizens and has policies to provide free health care, money for people without jobs; it is also a country that has such a system.1 From the 1930s to the early 2000s, the welfare state went through various stages of development. This development will be analyzed throughout this paper, with a specific focus on pensions, family allowances, and health care. The Canadian welfare state began in 1927 with the launching of old age pensions. Old age pensions were the first federal-provincial program that shared costs between the two governments, and as a result of this, there were a few problems with the program. Like unemployment assistance during the Depression, the old age pensions “began as a three-way partnership among the federal, provincial, and local governments.”2 “Pensions became an area where any real local autonomy was effectively terminated wit


Health Conditions of Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers

Food justice aims to ensure that the benefits and risks of producing, distributing, and consuming food are shared fairly by everyone involved and to transform the food system to eliminate inequities (WC Perspectives). From farmworkers to the home dinner table and to the corporations that sell packaged goods or fast food are all part of the food system. The food justice movement is an effort to help people who live in food deserts, protect the rights of farmworkers, and fight to stop corporate farming practices that endanger the ecosystem. Farm workers in the United States perform laborious tasks and are exposed to a wide variety of occupational risks and hazards. These workers lack access to social services, healthcare and have little protection from labor laws, even though they are a critical component to providing healthy food. There is roughly around 2.5 million seasonal and migrant farmworkers in the United States ("The National Agricultural Workers Survey."). Agriculture is one


Ethics in the Gleevec Story

The intersection of drugs and the common good for society can be very complicated. We often perceive drug regulation as something that adds to the common good of the people. The people in question include those who are currently diagnosed with disease and others who can potentially be exposed in their lifetimes. There is a very fine balance that regulating authorities like the FDA have to tread to make sure the common good of the people, not one person’s individual benefit. When a patient facing death demands the right to an experimental drug, is it responsible to give them a chance or is it necessary to prioritize the impact that decision can have on millions of other patients and their families in the larger global community. Drugs can be harmful for a number of reasons: if they cause painful side effects that cause more damage than the original disease, if they have long-term consequences that undermine the initial boost they provide in a patient’s health, or if they do not act


Distracting Devils in Doctor Faustus

Doctor Faustus is my favorite story we have read so far. The character development and themes that run throughout the story are fascinating, if not a bit frustrating. I rather enjoyed a particular theme that I brought up in class multiple times. The theme that captures my attention every time is the Doctor's constant distractions, provided by Mephastophilis. These distractions are also for the audience. Doctor Faustus sells his soul for some reasons, but the most prevalent are that he seeks knowledge. Faustus grows malcontented with the limits of traditional forms of knowledge, so he turns to magic. He sells his soul to Lucifer for twenty-four years of Mephastophilis’s service. The first hint of distractions come in during the summoning of Mephastophilis. After he summons the devil Faustus says, “I charge thee to return and change thy shape, Thou art too ugly to attend on me; Go and return an old Franciscan friar, That holy shape becomes a devil best.” (1135) Faustus commands M


Sherman Alexie and the Best American Poetry of 2015

Every year a compilation of dignified poetic pieces is grouped into one collection of honorable work to be published, better known as the Best American Poetry. In the “Introduction” of the 2015 edition of the Best American Poetry (BAP), Native American poet and writer, Sherman Alexie recounts the extensive editorial processes and difficulties he endured in order to compile the best 75 poetic works of 2015. In pursuance of taking on this editorial responsibility for the Best American Poetry. Alexie prepared himself by thoroughly analyzing all previous editions of (BAP), paying close mind to the structural elements that heavily influenced the content of the work. Alexie himself more prominently outlines them, “I carefully studied each year's edition of BAP and was h


African American Single Mothers

Introduction Externalizing behaviors in children and adolescents (such as physical aggression) are hard to manage negative behaviors, which can lead to more serious problems in adulthood (negative functioning in societal and occupational roles, sometimes leading to criminal behavior). The root cause of this behavior can be a dysfunctional family, lower family income and family stress. It is known that African American youth from single mother families are at an elevated risk of externalizing behavior, compared to those who are from European American two-parent families. One of the possible causes can be lower socioeconomic status of single mother African American families, which can have a detrimental effect on single mother’s mental health, on mother-child communication and warmth as well as on child adjustment (leading to externalizing difficulties). But all African American youth from single mother family do not exhibit externalizing behavior. It has been observed that positive school functioning and right monitoring is associated with high self-esteem and low externalizing behavior. Earlier research has suggested that African American youth from two-parent famil


The BMW Group - Consumer Behaviors

Background BayerischeMotorenWerke, (German for Bavarian Motor Works), known worldwide in its abbreviated form BMW, is recognised as one of the most successful companies in the automobile, motorcycle, and engine manufacturing industry. Founded by Franz Josef Popp in 1916, BMW was initially an aircraft-engine manufacturing business, eventually turning towards the production of motorcycles and automobiles within the first fifteen years of production. Based on a study involving 47,000 consumers across 15 markets conducted in 2012, BMW was listed as the most reputable company in the world by forbes.com. These rankings were based on four factors: trust, esteem, admiration and good feeling. Suffering substantially in 2008/2009 during the global financial crisis, BMW witnessed considerably reduced profit margins. However, having successfully emerged from this critical period, the BMW group has benefited from impressive growth figures, with an increase of 97% in its global EBIT from 2010 to 2


Oreo Cookbook Analysis

Cover Letter This portfolio consists of how food choices change every day and the journey of food. It details the journey of food based on pieces written in 1st and 3rd person through research reflected by essays. There was definitely a major change in my written works and projects since I have been in this course. I have learned how to differentiate between 1st and 3rd person in my works. I have also learned how to use different research methods and find more reliable resources to use in my projects. One of the biggest things I believe I improved was the construction of my essays. I learned how to make my work more organized and useful. I had to do some revisions over my projects and that helped me progress and produce better pieces. The biggest revision I had to do was reconstruct my essays to make the make more sense. This only caused for me to reread my written works and slow down. I thought this portfolio was going to be complicated but the process was easy because of the order


Chosen Scene Shot Analysis - Bicycle Thieves

The film "Bicycle Thieves" is about a man named Antonio Ricci and his desperate efforts to support his family during the reconstruction period in Rome after the second world war. In the film, he finds work through a local employment union gluing posters around town and is told that he will need a bicycle for the work offered. He and his family are struggling and resorted to pawning their sleeping linen to be able to retrieve Antonio’s bicycle back from the pawn shop. His first day on the job his bicycle is almost immediately stolen by a seemingly experienced pair of thieves. One of the two men rode away with his bicycle while the thief’s partner distracted Antonio and lead him in the wrong direction chasing after his bicycle. Antonio turns to the police for help and he is told the search for his bicycle is not a priority to the police force. The majority of the film is about Antonio, his young son Bruno, Antonio’s wife Maria, and his comrades from the employment union searching R


Gambling and the Power of Habit

According to the National Council on Problem Gambling, nearly 1.5 million Americans have experienced pathological gambling, which occurs when there is a dependence, harm, or lack of control over gambling habits (Samhsa). Samhsa goes on to explain that pathological gambling can be sparked by gambling as little as once a week. It may even derive by going as little as once a month, or once a week. Unfortunately, this is what transpired to Angie Bachmann, in Charles Duhigg’s Power of Habit. Mother of three and wife to a full-time working husband, Angie was frequently left in an empty home, with nothing to do. Spending her days watching game shows, such as: The Price is Right, Angie would often times find herself lonely and bored (Duhigg 246). Angie decided that if she got through the week without withering of boredom, then she would be rewarded with an excursion to the casino. The trips started off once a week with a few hours and a couple hundred dollars. Her addiction quickly jump star


Gender Inequality in Sports: Title IX

Inequality for women in sports dates back to the year 776 B.C. when women were not only not able to participate in the first olympic games but not allowed to attend as well. Within sports, heroes are made, goals are set and dreams are lived. However, up until the last forty years women were being deprived of these things. They were being deprived of the right to be great at something and to be recognized for that greatness. Forty-three years ago a piece of legislation was passed giving women what should have been a fundamental right, gender equality in schools. As part of the civil rights act, Title IX stated, “No person.... shall on the basis of sex be excluded from participation in, be denied benefits of or be subject to discrimination” (ncaa.org). In 1972, the year the act was passed, only 30,000 women competed in collegiate athletics compared to approximately 170,000. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) did not offer athletic scholarship for female athletes nor


The Merchant of Venice - Argumentitive Essay

William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright, and actor, widely considered the best English author and therefore the world's famous author up until this day. His ongoing works, as well as collaborations, consist of just about 38 plays, 154 sonnets, 2 long narrative poems, and a few other verses, and a number of uncertain authorship. But what I’m focusing on is Williams more unique and powerful plays called The Merchant of Venice in which takes place in 16th-century. It is believed to have been written between 1596 and 1599, which is the time when Jews in Venice were treated poorly and had ultimately no human status towards any Christians. I believe that in the Play, The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare uses “Shylock” as an example to demonstrate these multiple perspectives of conflict throughout the story at the time of 1596 to 1599. To which, William Shakespeare had a unique, diverse and understanding on what was happening to the Jewish culture at the timeline of 1


Budget Issues and the City of Troy, New York

Troy, NY is a small city located on the eastern bank of the Hudson River. It is a rather large city with a population of about 50,000 (Wikipedia). The budget problems seem endless, whether it’s the water, sewage, or some other issue. There have been many attempts to solve this problem such as a $1,939,800 state grant to help pay for a ruptured water pipe (Crowe). The city also received a $972,377 federal grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to fill seven vacancies in the Troy Fire Department(Crowe). The grant will cover salaries, training and associated overtime costs, yet somehow the city still continues to have budget problems. The number one concern with the budget problems in Troy are the water pipe issues. The city has very old pipes and multiple sections will break over time. Eventually, most of the water pipe system will have to be replaced due to them breaking. If the pipes are not replaced, the city will be making quick fixes on each section that breaks for many years to come. In order to budget this properly, the city has to adopt a water fund budget that in


Advertisement Analysis: Budweiser 2015 Super Bowl

Advertising has become an aspect in everyday life for Americans. Every day, a newspaper, billboard, TV commercial, or even the guy in the monkey suit twirling around the sign on the corner for frozen ice cream, are trying to persuade an individual into buying their products. It is everywhere, surrounding us, and at times it can be quite overwhelming. The act of persuasion comes from Aristotle’s ethos, logos, and pathos that emerged over 2000 years ago. Aristotle believed the most effective way to persuade an audience was to appeal to three specific notions- credibility, emotion, and the use of logic. Some of the strongest and most persuasive commercials have all used a combination of these three rhetorical devices, including the 2015 Budweiser Super bowl commercial. The rhetorical device ethos plays a very significant role in the establishing weather or not the audience can trust the information being presented to them. Ethos is an appeal to ethics, referring to the credibility a c


A Knowledgeable Politician or an Ignorant Billionaire?

On September 27, 2016, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had their first presidential debate at Hofstra University. It was the most watched debate in history, as over 84 million people were either on the spot or in front of the screens to see the candidates arguing about their political plans. The reason for that is they are so different from each other and there had not been a direct debate between them. Therefore, everyone wanted to see what would happen if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were on the same stage. After the debate, most people believed Hillary Clinton won. When talking about why, people would compare the political opinions, the language use, the gestures, the facial expressions and so on. Among all those aspects, verbal language must be the most important element within a debate. In that respect, although it cannot be denied that both of the candidates used strong and aggressive languages, Hillary Clin


Immigration - Boosting the U.S. Economy

There are two main viewpoints of whether immigrants are good for the American economy. One is an argument against immigrants in the U.S, that they are not helpful, and the other argument is that immigrants should be allowed to work and reside in the U.S. Immigrants are definitely beneficial to the United States’ economy and this was proved in the 19th century and can be proved today. Even though there are mixed opinions about this controversial matter, both immigrants and the U.S. are part of a mutual relationship, helping each other out in different ways. Immigration was a big part of why I was born in England and why my family lives in the United Kingdom today. My grandparents migrated from India to England when they were teenagers in order to create better lives for themselves as well as their future families and they have succeeded in doing so. I am very grateful that they were able to do this, as I may not have been in Stetson if they hadn’t done so. In my view, immigrants are