Crime And Deviance

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I aim to look at crime and deviance from a Marxist perspective & a Right Realist perspective. I will provide a definition of crime and deviance. Throughout my assignment I aim to cover just how extensive crime & deviance is in contemporary Britain, also to consider who are the offenders and more so, why do people commit crimes? I will also be exploring how crime is measured alongside my own opinions on the subject.

Crime is usually defined simply as a violation of the criminal law. Deviance is a much wider and vaguer concept than crime and is therefore more difficult to define. Deviance exists in relation to what is considered `normal` in a society. Crime & deviance are overlapping in categories because criminal acts are often viewed as deviant acts. (Wincup E 1999)

Social problems are prominently political problems. They are identified and shaped in an ongoing political process. What is regarded as a problem by one group may not be perceived in this way by another group in society.

There are many different types of deviance, there is criminal and non-criminal. There are power crimes for example: environmental pollution, health & safety in the workplace and unethical business practices which can adversely affect vast members o

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