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Supervision is defined as overseeing or directing work or workers and also to superintend. In order to be a supervisor one must have qualities of both leadership and management. Supervision requires a leader who promotes a climate of cooperation and respect so employees will not only want to be led but also to lead and direct. Being a leader is having the ability to give guidance to those that are willing to follow. An authoritative management is a more forward position; it is a position of authority. A typical supervisor has numerous good qualities. Some examples of these qualities would be consideration, facilitation, participation, interpersonal roles, informational roles and decisional roles. If you encompass these qualities and would like to further you career and become a supervisor there are many things to take in to consideration before you become a supervisor. There are many advantages and disadvantages to supervision.

Supervisors emphasize leading, coordinating, and directing the work of others in order to achieve the group's goals. One advantage of his style of management is that it gives workers a sense of teamwork and motivates employees. Supervision makes a company feel as if they are working together like

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