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Basic Leadership Questions

            Did your supervisor meet any of the characteristics of a charismatic leader as defined and discussed in the background readings? .
             In today's fast changing world, a charismatic leadership style is common (and often effective) in American workplaces. The charismatic leaders have a special charm or appearance through which they attract or get the admiration of their followers. Yes my supervisor under whom I have worked for 1 year got all the characteristics of a charismatic leader. The supervisor showed a great concern for his team members and he was always looking after his team requirements and needs. He treated his team as a family who won the trust of his team by caring them a lot. He creates a very comfortable, healthy and friendly environment where I and the team members feel free in discussing the issues, participating in the decision making process. The supervisor is a great listener and makes us feel comfortable while discussing the problems with him. My supervisor is a highly qualified management graduate from one of top universities of the World. He has a very pleasing personality and always carries a charm through which he influences and inspires others. This strong charismatic influential power of my supervisor made individuals easily accomplishing the difficult tasks. He has the sense to identify the gap which is existing between the organization and his followers. He always tries to bring a balance between the organization mission and objectives and his followers goals. My supervisor has become a role model for various followers with his charm, way of speaking, confidence and positive energy and thoughts.
             2. Did your supervisor meet any of the characteristics of a transformational leader? .
             Yes, my supervisor possessed the characteristics of a transformation leader. My supervisor who is an HR manager for the IT organization transformed his followers and as well as the organization beyond his own self-interest.

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