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Transformational Leadership

            Transformational leaders have a vision and an ability to inspire others. A transformational leader may be energetic, involved in processes, and skilled at guiding his or her organization to focus on organizational goals. The transformational leader works in group with his or her teams, and at the same time advancing others to a higher level of motivation and morality. .
             Pseudo-transformational is the unethical facet of transformational leadership and is manifested by a particular combination of transformational leadership behaviors. For examples a transformational leader may have a low idealized influence a high inspirational motivation. A few years ago, a group of researchers conducted a study on transformational leadership at a business school to see how pseudo-transformational leadership can be differentiated from transformational similar construct as a personalized charismatic leadership, and its negative or dark side" (Paunonen, Lonnqvist, Verkasalo, and Leikas, 2006). .
             There has been a focus within the media about ethics of leadership in which has given the public interest about the scandal in corporate and government corruption. An example may be when a large organization makes the news headlines as if two executives of a large engineering and electronic company found guilty of thief, fraud, and conspiracy after stealing millions of dollars from the company to pay for their extravagant luxury personal lifestyle"(Maull, 2005).
             Another example occurs when a government politician and official are faced with public scrutiny for their roles in sponsorship scandals. These scandals were involving in mishandling millions of dollars in public funds (Commission of Inquiry into Sponsorship Program and Advertising Activities, 2006). .
             The examples that are cited above clearly shows unethical in leadership whereas many behaviors like the examples are determined to sink the standards of illegality.

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