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Strategies in Organizational Leadership

             The situation that I chose to discuss in this assignment is the time when I was transferred to a new sister company to the one that I was working for, because of the poor performance that was being recorded at this company. My main role was to try and bring things in order so that the company would perform like the others. This being a new experience I was aware of the challenge that lay in front of me and I was ready to take up to the task. Some of the things that I was expected to address were the constant complaints from the workforce about several issues include the remuneration and compensation plan, working conditions among other many issues that affected the performance of the organization. I was also expected to address the issue of collaboration and working together to make the implementation of the strategic plan a success. The first step that I took was to make sure that I identified the people that were to help me establish the change process, and this involved incorporating the top level management and the middle level management. I also included members of the workforce through representation where they were represented by their chosen leaders. .
             I decided to use situational leadership in this case, basing on the argument on the situation that was at hand. I noticed that the low levels of management at our organization had been the main factor as to why we had the low levels of production. Ineffective leadership has been and remains the cornerstone of failure in production, competitiveness and general performance in any given organization. It is easy to pinpoint an organization on the verge of failing or one that is performing poorly without any significant improvement over time. All problems in the organization stem from the leadership. As a new top-level executive having noticed deficits in the leadership culture in the corporation, I needed to identify the causes especially those affecting the employee's morale before setting to address them.

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