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Leadership Styles

            Leadership Styles in Total Quality Management.
             Leadership is frequently mentioned as being at the heart of an organizations priority, not just those associated with the implementation of total quality management. It is also in important in guiding organizations with sound strategies for the sustainability of superior competitive performance and long term prosperity. .
             What is leadership? Leadership is the process of influencing an organized group toward accomplishing its goals. This definition is the classic view found in most text books however, the difference between this view and the TQ view is that the classic view defines and emphasizes leadership at the work group level. Leadership at TQ level means vision, cheerleading, enthusiasm, love, trust, verve, passion, obsession, consistency, paying attention as illustrated by one's calendar, out-and-out drama, creating heroes at all levels, effectively coaching, and numerous other things. .
             1990's the focus was on productivity, problem solving, team work in terms of human performance, so the effective style of leadership in this context is based on behavior modification, changing peoples attitudes.
             In the context of TQM what is expected of leaders more of the doing, being more in touch more concerned with developing means rather than concerned with the ends.
             Total quality management (TQM) requires a special type of leadership. It is no longer valid nor is it sufficient to rely on structural change or sound investment strategies on capital equipment and pioneering technologies. Leaders in the context of TQM are more focused on corporate performance rather than just their own, it is not about power, authority and control, it is more about empowerment, recognition, coaching and developing others.
             Leaders in any organization will be expected to develop the vision of their organization reflecting aspirations for the short term, medium term and long term.

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