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Leadership styles

             My managers" leadership style is a combination of laissez-faire and empowerment. Laissez-faire leadership is when managers set objectives and employees are free to do whatever it takes to accomplish those objectives. In empowerment leadership style employees are given the authority and responsibility to respond quickly to customers requests. .
             Laissez-faire leadership is really an absence of leadership. All authority or power is given to the employees and they must determine goals, make decisions, and resolve problems on their own. Management avoids taking a stand on issues. This type of leadership does not emphasize results. In laissez-faire leadership management is usually unaware of employee performance. In a laissez-faire environment members have little sense of accomplishment. Members do not have a clear understanding of what is expected of them. The group does not develop any self confidence. The employees tend to develop competitive hostility among them. Overall this style has a lower level of productivity, satisfaction, and cohesiveness. If the groups goals are being accomplished under the management of a laissez-faire leader it is because the group members are self-motivated, demonstrate effective teamwork, and exhibit expertise in their field. .
             Laissez-faire leadership is effective when employees are highly skilled, experienced, and educated. It also works well for employees who have pride in their work and the drive to do it successfully on their own. Employees who are trustworthy and experienced seem to do well in a laissez-faire environment. This leadership style should not be used when it makes employees feel insecure at the unavailability of a manager. It also is not effective when managers cannot provide regular feedback to let employees know how well they are doing. .
             A successful laissez-faire leader is generally popular, charismatic, and inspires people rather than direct them.

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