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             Read Sandra Cisneros "Mericans" (page 29). Develop a character analysis of the narrator and focus especially on the reasons provided for cultural complexities. Specifically you will want to answer the following questions: .
             1. Where are we in this text? At a church service that her “awful grandmother” went to. She and her brothers followed the grandmother there. What details does the writer use to help you visualize the place, to bring it to life? She watches her grandmother "Lighting votive candles. Blessing herself by making the sign of the cross and kissing her thumb numerous times repeatedly. Running a crystal rosary between fingers saying many prayers and making many promises. There were women with black shawls crossing and uncrossing themselves". Her description somehow shows her disbelief of worshipping and she does not seem the least bit happy. As the people were walking to church she watched and observed. They were walking to church on their knees. Some people were wearing fat rags tied around their legs and others wore pillows one to kneel on, one to flop ahead. If she "stare at the eyes of the saints long enough, they move and wink" at her, which makes her "a sort of saint" too.
             2. The people in this story live in a place between two languages or .
             two cultures. Which people and which details in the story best represent .
             the two poles and why? "Ladies don't come to church dressed in pants. And every body knows men aren't supposed to wear shorts." Thus, new-coming people are easily identified in this area. The appearance of two new people at the church turns out to be the most noticeable to the kids. The sound coming from a talk between Junior and the couples seems to drive the boring environment away.
             3. How do the young people in the story relate to their bilingual or .
             cultural context? How do they relate to cultural heritage and dominant .
             culture influence? A lady among the group is astonished at the children's ability to communicate in another language other than Spanish.