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Why I Chose to Pursue a Master's Degree?

             Why I chose to pursue a master’s degree? .
             “I want to go back to school for my master’s” has almost become my mantra over the last few years. I always knew that returning to school was in my future, but struggled with when to return and which degree I wanted to pursue. Knowing that I had to balance school and work schedules, I considered a Master in Business Administration (MBA) or a Master in Computer Science (MCS) program. The continual changes in information technology job market have provided the motivation I needed to decide and enroll. I chose to pursue MCS to build upon my experience to be a viable candidate for advancement into management. Survival in the information technology industry is becoming a challenge with more jobs being downsized or internationally outsourced so that there are fewer jobs available within the U.S. job market. I do not want to be one of the people forced to leave the industry in search of a new career. I have chosen to work harder and obtain the knowledge needed for survival in this industry. I feel the best way to survive is by continuing my education and pursing an MCS. I have obtained several computer certifications in my 15 years working in the IT field, only to find that each certification becomes obsolete due to the technology field’s fast paced and ever changing environment. I find that I reference my certifications for the time needed, yet throughout my career I have continually drawn from my undergraduate schooling. The MCS program will build upon my Computer Science undergraduate degree and my work experience. You might consider it a fifteen-year internship which should help me obtain more from a graduate program. I want to go back to school to upgrade my current skill set and attain a better understanding of business. To enable me to place the experiences that I have accumulated in my career into the proper context, to acquire new perspectives on how to evaluate situations from a business perspective in addition to the technical one, and to gain experience in communicating my thoughts and conclusions in a manner that people with a diverse background can identify with and support.