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Interview with an artist

            Interview With Christopher (Andre) Mernieks.
             The first day I walked into my design 160 class I was in a state of confusion. There was a man standing in the front of the class room whom didn't look much older than myself. I thought to myself "Is this guy old enough to be teaching?". Christopher (Andre) Merneiks is a Thirty-three year old man who has accomplished a lot. Christopher was born as Andre Christopher Murnieks, but prefers Christopher these days. He has a bachelor of science in industrial design (specialized in visual communication design) from the Ohio State University, and is currently working on his masters in visual communication design. Christopher is a freelance graphic designer whom also is privileged enough to teach design 160 at the Ohio State University. He was born a first generation American and raised in the small central Ohio town of Danville. Why did Christopher choose to be a designer/teacher?.
             When did Christopher decided to pursue an education in Industrial Design? Christopher has not always aspired to do what he does today. When he was a freshman he had a different idea of what he wanted to do. Christopher's first love was music. As a beginning freshman at Ohio State University he was a music major, and nobody was going to change that. He had dreams of rock stardom. What made him decide to steer away from this dream. During freshman orientation all the music and design students were put into groups for a tour of the Ohio State School of the Arts. During this tour both groups where showed a little of each others schools. Christopher said the tour sparked an interest in design. When it was time to schedule for classes Christopher decided to take a non-major design class. On the first day of this class the professor showed computer generated imaging on a projector. Christopher was amazed by all the vivid colors and .
             dimensions. This class made Christopher decide to do what he does today.

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