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I Am a Fool

            â€œI am a fool” by Sherwood Anderson, a story taking place in the beginning of the nineteen hundreds yet still can be related to today’s world everyday. The situations taking place throughout the story are full of conflict, both internal and external for Andy. The conflicts that present themselves to Andy both at home and at the racetrack in Sandusky are perfect examples of the three types of tension, or conflict; individual vs. self, individual vs. individual, individual vs. society.
             The first conflict arises with Andy needing to make money. He has trouble with society here in two ways. First off, he ha s trouble “getting next to peoples sympathies” as younger children do to make money doing yard work or work around the home. The result of his age and since he doesn’t have a scheme, such as, “I’m working my way through college.” Andy finds a job outside of the town he is living in. The conflict with society at the time is shown here through Andy’s sister. She feels that with him working as a swipe with a minority will ruin her shot a teaching job that she was worked so long and hard for. Why would Andy’s job have any bearing on his sister’s employment? Only because of societies negative view of minorities at the time. Conflict arises on Andy’s day off at the track and bar. When going out on the town it is customary to look your best so to encourage interaction with others as well as to impress. This I obviously a product .
             Of society, because why would it matter what you look like? Society shows itself again in the bar, in the movie, with one man looking his best with more money than another. Knowing the dirty looks he Isrecieving from Andy’s direction the man in the Windsor tie decides to show him up one more by asking for a light and commenting on his expensive, “wine-soaked tip” cigar.