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Gimpel the Fool

             The story "Gimpel the Fool" by Isaac Bashevis Singer is about a particular society that takes advantage of a young man by calling him names like "fool, imbecile donkey dope" (Singer, Pg 96). They also make fun of him by telling him lies. The story gives the reader insight about reality, that is, the role and class you are categorized as in society can affect the way in which you receive respect. In Gimpel's case, he is a middle class person who has no parents and works in a bakery shop. The upper classes don't recognize and respect people that are not at their level. This is a norm for society and happens in every society. This is described in this story through the lies and jokes the people tell Gimpel. Gimpel is known as a "fool", but as the story builds up one can see he is a wise man: "I am Gimpel the fool I don't think myself a fool. On the contrary. But that's what they call me" (Singer, Pg 96). These few lines clearly show that Gimpel does not accept himself as a "fool", but it is how people prefer him as. Gimpel sees himself as a better and wiser man. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a "fool" is one who can easily be tricked (American Heritage, Pg 402). Gimpel shows that character as being a "fool", but he knows that there is no other way to prove he is not. Therefore he choose to believe what .
             the people say to him. However, he accepts what the people say to him, but in his heart, he knows what the people are saying to him is not the truth: "You are not a fool. .
             They are the fool" (97). Gimpel gives the people the impression that he accepts what they say to him, but it reflects back to the people because he pretends to be a "fool", but he is not. In doing so, the people are the ones who are being fooled by Gimpel because of the false impression he presents. .
             There are many arguments that the reader may seek answers to concerning Gimpel's place in society.

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