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             Character Analysis on "Gimpel the Fool".
             Gimpel lived most of his life being a fool, though he did not consider himself to be one. Throughout Gimpel's life he was fooled into believing things that were not real or getting pranks pulled on him. Gimpel was so gullible in believing things that even the rabbi's would do pranks on him. As the story progresses Gimpel comes across many lies that could destroy a man's pride, but because of his personality, morals , and habits; he is able to cope with this and move on in life.
             Gimpel was given the name fool early during his life while he was still in school. He goes on to say he had other names like: imbecile, donkey, flax-head, dope, glump, and ninny. Gimpel's personality was different than others. If he would have a trick played on him, he was not seeking revenge for it, he just simply shook it off and walked away. For example, in the beginning of the story the kids stuffed his hand with goat turd and Gimpel's response for this action was simply "Let it pass. So they take advantage of me"(96). One would find that kind of intriguing because Gimpel tells us he was raised as an orphan and lost his grandfather at a very young age, so we would think he is full of hatred towards life thinking he was not loved by anyone. But after all this, he still somehow ignores the pranks and jokes and eventually finds someone he falls in love with. The only thing is she fools him to think she is in love with him. From this, we would think he should have learned his lesson by now and just move on but fights within himself to make think she loves him. .
             Gimpel is able to move on with his life due to his morals. At the end of the story Gimpel says, " Whatever may be there, it will be real, without complication, without ridicule, without deception. God be praised: there even Gimpel cannot be deceived"(106), he knows that after all the events he is put through in life, in the end when he dies and goes to heaven he will get away from all that and live in peace.

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