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Gimpel The Fool

             In the story of Gimpel the Fool, a very strong case could easily be made that he was no fool at all. However in reality he was quite the opposite. Gimpel was much more of a wise man than a fool. His actions and character throughout the story prove this time and time again. .
             According to Webster's Dictionary, the definition of a fool is, "One who is deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding." This means that in order to prove that Gimpel was a fool, you would first need to prove that he acts foolishly by possessing one or more of the previously stated characteristics associated with foolishness. .
             There is much that we can learn from Gimpel about our own walk as Christians. This story has many hidden meanings, which we can use to help direct us in our walk as Christians. .
             Gimpel's reactions time and time again, are reactions of trust. Even thought the situations seems highly unlikely, Gimpel puts his faith in his friends. His let downs discourage him, however, he continues to believe in the honesty of human beings. Gimpel has the kind of trust that a child has and the Bible talks to us about having. If we want to enter the kingdom of heaven, we are told to come as little children. This means that we need to believe and have faith, even though others around us may criticize and laugh at us. .
             Gimpel has a gift rather than a problem when it comes to trust. Throughout the story, his friends lie to him with odd scenarios and stories, however Gimpel takes them at their word every time. He is trying to let them know that he takes them seriously even though everyone else doesn't. Gimpel is giving them a chance that no one else can give. This chance is the chance of complete and absolute trust. Each time, they miss their opportunity, and choose to lie. .
             His so called friends never get the point that Gimpel simply wants to believe in them. They use Gimpel instead and call him a fool.

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