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Gimpel the fool

             Gimpel was not a fool, but instead a man who believed fully and wholeheartedly in others. Does this make this man a fool, or one who could not see the harm in just believing? Gimpel Was a man who endured many tribulations during his life and those tribulations took a toll. The effect of the many years of ridicule by others did not change what he believed, but instead, how he viewed society. At the conclusion of the story, even while facing the ultimate evil, Gimpel shows his true character.
             "The whole world deceives you,"" he said "and you ought to deceive the world in your turn."" (Singer 104) "Then it happened that I had to answer the call of nature, in passing, I saw the risen read, which seemed to say to me, "Do it- In brief, I let myself be persuaded."" (Singer 105) When looking back on his decision, not even Gimpel could believe what he had done. "I sense that everything hung in the balance. A false step now and I'd lose Eternal Life."" (Singer 105) Did these actions change Gimpel? Of course it did. In the end, Gimpel learned that there were no lies. No lies existed in the world, whatever didn't happen to people or dream in the night or actually did happen in another time. Gimpel was a man of faith, and if it was not for his faith, rest assured that he would have traveled in other path. .
             In the years following his moment of darkness, until his death, he had realized that in the end he would be reunited with his wife Elka. A wife without contempt or deceit would be waiting for him in this eternal life. Gimpel had a tough time waiting for his beloved wife, and asked if he may join her. "I weep and implore "Let me be with you."" And she consoles me and tells me to be patient. "The time is nearer than farther."" (Singer 105) When it was time for him to leave this world, he knew that he would be transported to a world without the injustice that he had felt throughout his life.

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