As You Like It Shakespeare

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Shakespeare was one of the most prominent play writers in the late 1500's. One Shakespearean play, As You Like It, does conform to a typical Shakespearean comedy, in terms of both its employment of dramatic techniques, such as, language, elements of plot and characterization, and ideas which it explores, such as, the idea of identity, the creation of humour and the importance of love.

The use of language in the play As You Like It, helps to convey the idea of identity and also to create humour. An example of language is used by the character Jaques, "...And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages..." (Act 2, scene 7, lines 142-43) In this part of Jaques speech, he is talking about the seven ages of a mans life. These are, the infant, school boy, lover, soldier, magistrate, silly old man and the second childhood, the old helpless man without everything. Jaques speech links to the idea in the play that people can, and do change, and it celebrates their ability to change for the better. Another example of language is used by the comical character Touchstone, "... from hour to hour..." (Act 2, Scene 7, line 26) This part of Touchstone's speech uses the word 'hour,' which is used as a pun against the word whore,

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