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             Shakespeare was born, to all appearance, on April 1564. The exact date is not known, but it must have been on a day, two or several days before 26 April, when he, as we can see from an official document, was christened. A lot of people were attracted from Stratford's surrounding as well as it did with John Shakespeare, William's father. John Shakespeare was a son of Richard Shakespeare, a rich and respected farmer. In 1557 John Shakespeare got married to Maria, the daughter of Robert Arden, a wealthy and very respected farmer, too. The Arden family was a modest branch of one famous family with the same name. John and Maria had four sons and four daughters. Three daughters died in their childhood. Only one of them, Jovana, outlived her parents and brothers and died as a widow at the age of seventy-eight. William Shakespeare was the eldest and died as a fifty-two year old man. The father of William Shakespeare died in 1601 and his mother died seven years later. It is not known in which school Shakespeare was educated, but he was educated in a school like other schools of the same renaissance type. It means that in that school The Latin Language was the main subject, but not the only one. In similar schools education consisted of reading and translating, easy first and then hard Latin texts. .
             Shakespeare had to interrupt his schooling because of the financial situation in which his father got into. His father needed Shakespeare to help him with trade, so they moved to London. As a son of a president of the parish and honorary judge, unaffected, gifted for acting and more for poetry, Shakespeare had an opportunity to meet the finest and the best at behavior and speech in the Stratford society. Closely introduced to all the best in English poetry and at London stages, the best actors, the best writers, probably some of the most distinguished noblemen and courtiers, he undoubtedly had to perfect his habits, behavior and the accent he brought from Stratford.

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