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            William Shakespeare was born in Stratford upon Avon, England. The exact date of birth is unknown but is traditionally celebrated on the 23rd of April which is also the same dated that Saint George's day. The third of eight children to John Shakespeare and Mary Arden, William was there eldest son. At age 18, William was married to Anne Hathaway on May 27, 1582. Mary was eight years older then William at age 26. Nearly seven months Mary gave birth to the couples first child, Susanna. In February, 1592 Mary gave birth to two new lives, Hamnet and Judith named after William's close friends, Judith and Hamnet Sadler. Tragically Hamnet, Shakespeares only son died two months later due to natural causes. William Shakespeare died of natural causes on April 26 1616.
             As a child, William was always fasinated with literature even though he was unable to read, the idea of using literature and plays to paint peoples imaginations interested him. AS he grew older, William was believed to have attended a small school located in his home town of Stratford upon Avon where he studied Greek and Latin. Later some people say that William Shakespeare took his education one step further and began to attend an excellent grammar school in Stratford upon Avon. Two Oxford graduates were his instructors there. Shakespeare was fortunate to get them both as teachers. Both instructors taught William how to read and write which he pretty much based his whole life on. After attending schools, William acquired a keen sense of mankind and nature, this is what some people believed helped him write all his dramas. This connection between science and nature may have been what made his dramas so successful and made these dramas captu!.
             re the imaginations of everyone in the elizabethian time period all the way to the present day.
             Shakespeare's works were not intended to be published in books and read, but were written for performance in plays.

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