T R Roosevelt

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"Men say he [Teddy Roosevelt] is not safe. He is not safe for the men who wish to prosecute selfish schemes to the public detriment . . . who wish government to be conducted with greater reference to campaign contributions than to the public good . . . who wish to draw the President of the United States into a corner and make whispered arrangements which they dare not have known by their constituents.  Elihu Root, 1904.

Teddy Roosevelt devoted his adult life to civil service in order to make life for American citizens better. He was a man with a large collection of interests; a man who possessed incredible knowledge; and a man who knew how to interact with people and make them like him. He had a great zest for life and wanted to be admired and in the limelight all of the time. He was a powerful speaker who used his body to make his points strongly in order to enliven the audience. He was also a perfect gentleman who detested dirty jokes and sent for dueling pistols any time anyone made any sign that they were interested in his wife.

Roosevelt was a new type of politician that ended the Gilded Age politician's control. The Gilded Age politics are described by John J Newman in United States History as "

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