Importance of setting in The Tell Tale Heart

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Gut wrenching tension? Painstaking anxiety? Haunting nervousness? All of these ingredients blend into the perfect nail biting, edge of your seat story. One may ask why, or even how could all of these feelings erupt from a bunch of words arranged on a page. A suspenseful situation can emerge from a mere description of where or when a narrative is occurring. The setting of "The Tell Tale Heart , by Edgar Allan Poe, is the very component which causes the entire piece to make its reader restless and dying to see how it ends.

Whether it is a creepy dim light leaking into a dark silent room, or a shadowy figure lurking in the shadows, creating a visual for the readers is crucial in an effective scary story. To emphasize the terror Poe illustrates, "The room was black as pitch with the thick darkness  (Poe 118). Consequently this makes his audience squeamish and fearful, for no one enjoys the mystery of a dark room. Poe provides another visual for his readers when the narrator specifically describes,

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