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Tempoary Matter

             "A Temporary Matter" is a story that shows the harsh, cold realities of the world. At the beginning I had the idea that Jhumpa Lahiri made this story into a typical Indian story which is seemingly predictable, where boy marries girl, boy works, wife cooks and they live happily ever after. This is not a typical Indian story as a matter of fact it's quite the opposite. Jhumpa Lahiri created this story with a very down to earth and realistic state of mind. The setting she shows was integral to the plot and the characters of the story. .
             "A Temporary Matter," a title in which the story begins with, "The notice informed them that it was a temporary matter: for five days their electricity would be cut off for one hour, beginning at eight P.M." Jhumpa Lahiri made this title based on the story. For the next five days Shoba and Shukumar's life took a complete turn for a twist. This temporary matter didn't seem like it but it held so much importance in these two people's lives.
             The characters in this story are Shoba, who is a hard working woman trying her best at finding typographical errors in text books and marking them, which may seem like a easy job, but it gets agitating after awhile. Shoba had been pregnant and sorrowfully lost her baby at birth. I don't think Shukumar and Shoba ever got over that fact. Shukumar was a laid back type of guy and was usually reluctant to do any work. Jhumpa conveyed her characters traits through out the whole story. One can see she used a tremendous amount of imagery and depiction. She illustrates the characters and how they fall into place and then straight out of it.
             The heart of the story takes place during these five days. The lights went out at eight o" clock, around dinner time, and Shukumar cooked dinner. On most occasions, Shoba watches TV, and Shukumar sits on his computer, but since there were no lights on during these particular evenings, they unusually ate dinner together.

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