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My Favorite Room

            While the rest of my house is very lovely, I most.
             admire the peace and quietness of my office. The office is approximately 10ft x 12ft, with sky blue walls. This is my refuge against the noise and confusion from a hard day of work and dealing with four children. I painted the walls of the room sky blue, because it gives me the illusion of being outside on the patio looking towards the sky and trying to imagine what shape the clouds are forming. The room is furnished with a desk, which is suitable to hold my computer, printer and reference materials. There is also a two-drawer file cabinet to hold important files. On top of the file cabinet, sits my bible and a lamp for additional light during the night. In the left corner near the closet door, there is a CD radio and cassette player, along with a 19-inch television set and speakers. The JVC radio will hold five CD’s at once for continuous playback and is hooked to my Sony television for stereo-surround sound. Also hooked to my T.V., in one-way or another, is: a Toshiba VCR, Apex DVD player and a Play station 2 - these are the various entertainment devices that acquire my attention besides my four children. Lastly, but not least, my office smells like an assortment of berries. There are all types of colorful candles and potpourri that give the room this aromatic scent. Being alone in this room, gives me time to clear my head and collect my thoughts. This is where I find peace and tranquility.