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             Tornadoes are formed through thunderstorms, a thunderstorm is needed in order for a tornado to form. The atmosphere determines if a tornado will form. It depends on how the atmosphere is that day. I will be talking about supercells and vortex’s in my paper. Also updrafts and the how warm or cold the air is something that affects tornadoes. Unstable air mass is something I will be strongly talking about in this paper. These funnel clouds mostly develop in the mid section of the united states. When they develop, they hit the ground, they are the only type of storm clouds that connect with ground when developed. .
             I feel the development of a tornado is something extraordinary and many people make a living trying to see how tornadoes form and they follow them through there cycle and it’s a dangerous job. I also feel it it a very interesting topic to talk about and very exciting. The visual aspect of the tornado is amazing, but the affects it brings is terrible. I just like the topic and I want to just talk about how the tornado can just grow and grow. The atmosphere includes cold fronts,warm fronts, unstable air masses, and tropical cyclones; these structures of air all effect how tornadoes develop. All tornadoes develop in the troposphere. Scientists are not totally sure what actually triggers the formation of a tornado, but they feel it is an interaction between strong updrafts in a thunderstorm and the winds of the troposphere. .
             The formation of tornadoes is quite interesting, they require almost a perfect atmosphere to form. A super cell first forms before a tornado, this is what starts the formation. Super cells are formed when warm moist air collides with cooler and drier air and that forms these massive storms. These super cells are formed along an area of instability, this is known as the squall line. The squall line contains cooler air that is out in front of a cold front.