The Affects of Chocolate on Short-term Memory

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The Effects of Commercial Chocolate on Short-Term Memory

The independent variable in this experiment is commercial chocolate. The dependent variable is the participants performance on the short-term memory assessment test. "Short-term memory has two important characteristics. First, short-term memory can contain at any one time seven, plus or minus two, "chunks" of information. Second, items remain in short-term memory around twenty seconds" ( The University of Alberta ˜s Cognitive Science Dictionary, Feb. 1997).

The amount of chocolate consumed is the independent variable. The concept of consumption is a main factor in determining the definition of this construct. Consumption is "the act of eating or drinking  (Collins English Dictionary, 1998 Harper Collins Publishers). The chocolate consumed would obviously, not be chocolate obtained in its purest form. I would use Hershey's chocolate, which also contains other ingredients. This type of chocolate is commercial chocolate. The consumption of chocolate before taking a test measuring short-term memory should have an affect on the participants performance on the test. This would mean that there is some correlation between the cons

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