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Main-Memory Database Systems

            While researching texts written about Main-memory Database Systems, I found few materials, particularly journals, blogs, pamphlets, and brochures. My goal in this paper is to bring the main memory discussion starting from the basic definition. To achieve this goal, I have organized my paper into four main sections. The first section provides a brief introduction of main-memory database systems and the difference between main-memory and conventional database systems. The second section describes the basic architecture of main-memory systems. The third section deals with the impacts of main-memory systems. I finish my paper with a fourth section that discuss the main memory systems, that have been designed or implemented, and its impacts on performance. .
             Memory resident database systems (MDBs) store their data in principle physical memory and give rapid access. Traditional database systems are streamlined for the specific qualities of disk storage mechanisms. Memory resident systems, then again, utilize distinctive advancements to structure and sort out information, as well as to make it reliable. This paper reviews the major memory residence optimizations and quickly talk about a percentage of the memory resident systems that have been outlined or implemented.
             A main memory database system (MMDB), sometimes called In-memory database systems (IMDB) or real-time database (RTDB), is a database administration framework that essentially relies on upon main memory for putting away machine information or computer data. Main memory database systems are speedier than disk-optimized databases on the grounds that they do fewer CPU instructions, and their inward advancement algorithms are much less difficult. MMDB annihilates disk access by sparing and controlling information in the main memory. A MMDB usually incorporates direct data manipulation and a dedicated memory-based structural planning.

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