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relational databases

             I would first like to thank you for considering me to fill the position of database developer and for the opportunity that it represents. I believe, however, that I am lacking in sufficient skills and knowledge to maintain this system effectively. The following is a report outlining the requirements of a relational database setup:.
             Background information .
             As you are aware I have recently been on a one-day Access course where I learned how to develop a single table database. Maintaining a single table or flat' database does not require much knowledge of database theory, however, our database system is a relational database and consists of many tables linked together or joined'. To run this sort of database it is necessary to have an understanding of the set of ideas and thinking that is called the database approach'.
             Requirements of our database.
             Our database is primarily used for storing data regarding products, customers and orders, although there are undoubtedly many more categories aside from these. One of the aims of using a relational database is to limit redundant information (repetition of data), which can occur in single table databases where there are, for example, many orders being placed by the same customer. Here is a simple example of a single table database:.
             Order date Customer name Customer ID Customer tel. Product ID Order quantity.
             01/09/00 Jones 1 123456 10 20.
             02/09/00 Smith 2 654321 10 50.
             03/09/00 Jones 1 123456 30 10.
             04/09/00 Bloggs 3 224422 20 25.
             05/09/00 Jones 1 123456 20 50.
             06/09/00 Smith 2 654321 30 20.
             07/09/00 Bloggs 3 224422 60 20.
             08/09/00 Bloggs 3 224422 10 20.
             Bearing in mind that this table does not include columns for customer addresses, product prices and various others, it is still evident that there is a great deal of unnecessary input. In this example, every time the same customer places an order, it is necessary to input their name and telephone number again and again.

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