St. Augustine

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From an explanation that that was given to St. Augustine, "the cause of evil is the free decision of our will, in consequence of which we act wrongly  (pg 161). In other words the decision of our will is that we make our own decisions and our destiny is what we make of it. In life, majority of people have moral beliefs (to do what is right and not what is wrong) and we know the difference. It is up to us to make that decision as to what we are going to do in a particular situation. Hence, if we act wrongly, we will endure the consequences and basically go to hell, or experience his righteous judgment; which ever that may be. Throughout the reading, it was evident that Augustine did not except the explanation that was given to him. He wanted to see evil and understand evil for himself and not having faith kept him searching.

Discuss the accounts of the origin and construction of evil?

When St. Augustine began his search to understand evil, he had a lot of questions. Augustine wanted to know what was the origin of evil that caused the devil (once an angel of God) to turn into evil especially when an angel is made the supreme creator. He later found that "what is indestructible is better th

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