Celtic Influence on Old English

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English, this sole word describes more than just a country, a type of people, or their language. When it is read, it's like if you where reading through time, its incredible to think, that the language English, as we know it today was completely different two hundred years ago. Even more so five centuries ago, and what was considered English ten centuries back in time, would be unreadable to anyone but a scholar of this subject today. Why did it change? How did it evolve? That is what history is here to tell us, almost every word you read was changed more than ten times to what it is now today, to be able to understand this, we must travel fifteen centuries back, to post Roman era England, where what is now called "Old English  emerged from the conjunction of hundreds of Anglo-Saxon dialects.

One of the most interesting peoples that played a part in the creation and molding of the English language and that are still around today are the Celts. Their incredibly rich and varied dialects where adopted by the Britons in the early 1st century BC, when the Celts themselves invaded England. All of the Britons at that time began to speak Celtic dialects, and went by day to day following Celtic laws. But interestingly, eve

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