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Time-line of The Anglo-Saxons

             Alexandria is center of Greek learning.
             Celts ("Brythons") live in Britain.
             Cleopatra VII becomes last queen of Egypt.
             B. A.D.1-39.
             1. Literary Events.
             a. Scrolls replaced by vellum books.
             b. Ovid writes Metamorphoses.
             2. Cultural/Historical Events.
             a. Londinium founded by Romans as a supply port.
             b. Queen Boadicea leads her eastern British tribe in an uprising against the Romans.
             c. Christianity proclaimed lawful religion in the Roman Empire.
             C. 400-499.
             1. Cultural/Historical Events.
             a. Roman legions withdrawn from Britain.
             b. Patrick brings Christianity to Ireland.
             c. Angles, Saxons, and Jutes invade Britain.
             D. 500-599.
             1. Literary Event - Books began being printed in China.
             2. Cultural/Historical Events.
             a. Semilegendary King Arthur rules Celtic tribe.
             b. Death of King Arthur at Battle of Camlann.
             c. Widespread plague reaches Britain from Europe.
             d. Buddhism introduced to Japan.
             e. St. Augustine converts Anglo-Saxon King Ethelbert and establishes monastery at Canterbury.
             E. 600-699.
             1. Literary Events.
             a. Hymns produces by Cedmon .
             b. Arabs discover the famous library with 300,000 papyrus scrolls.
             c. Lyrics poetry promotes everyday use of Chinese language.
             2. Cultural/Historical Events.
             a. Paulinnus is first Roman missionary to arrive in northern England.
             b. T"ang dynasty begins in China.
             c. Mohammed begins to dictate to the Koran .
             d. Egyptian into. First organized news & postal service.
             e. Synod of Whitby unites British Christian Church w/ Roman Church.
             F. 700-799.
             1. Literary Events.
             a. Monks begin Book of Kells, manuscript of Latin Gospels.
             b. Compilation of Manyoshu, Japanese anthology about 4,500 poems.
             c. Venerable Bede writes the Ecclesiastical History of the English People.
             2. Cultural/Historical Events.
             a. Moors invade Spain.
             b. Pueblo per. begins in southwestern North America.
             c. Vikings invade Britain, begins century of invasions.
             G. 800-899.

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