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The Philippines is a tropical paradise. It is a very beautiful site to see and consists of 7107 islands and is located in the south west Pacific Ocean. This place competes with the dangers of hurricanes,volcanoes,and earthquakes, but is full of different types of nature and people. Many of the people that live there have immigrated here. Some of them were my family. I will also tell you about the type of government they have and what the people are like. Lastly I will talk about the religion, schools and some art. Also you will learn the Philippines is not what some commercials may appear to look like, which is a poor dirty country, but really it is a great place for a vacation to relax in.

The government found in the Philippines consists of 72 provinces which are divided into municipalities made of barangays(similar to countries). The central Government is led by a president. Congress consists of a 204 seat House of Representatives and a 24 seat senate. Most of the government offices are in Quezon City, the former capital. The voting age is 15 for local elections and 18 for national elections. National elections are held every three years. The Philippines is a Republic their president is Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and t

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