Write a brief critical analysis of “Thatcher”, isolating som

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The poem "Thatcher  by Seamus Heaney is taken from a collection of the "Door into the Dark . At first glance, this poem is about a man coming to fix a thatch roof. The text is divided into four stanzas with four lines each. The first two stanzas carry an enjambment into the third to accentuate the progression and development of the thatcher's work; and the fourth brings a conclusion to the poem signifying the thatching being complete. On a closer analysis, Heaney is describing the process of writing poetry: the process of unravelling of thoughts and experiences within himself. The thatcher is Heaney and through the use of straw he describes the way he writes his poetry: preparing and assembling each thought and idea and putting them first into words, then into a sentence, finally to make a poem.

In the first stanza, Heaney describes the thatch

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