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Margaret Thatcher and the British Electorate

            One of the most striking political personality in Britain was probably Margaret Thatcher and it is sure that because of what she did for her country, she is one of the most influential person still today. Indeed, her access to the rank of Prime Minister was a real revolution at this time whether at a political, an ideological or even at an economic level because when she arrived at the head of the Government, the country was in a very deep state of crisis so much so that United Kingdom was called the "Sick Man of Europe". So she had to take a lot of decisions and among them she introduced such a strong policy including an economic one that people will call after her so much she was influential; that is how the name Thatcherism was created. And it is probably sure that any politic philosophy could not have shaped the nation as Thatcherism did, especially as its creator was a woman and at that time there were not a lot of women in the Government and even in politics. .
             However as people might think the period of Thatcherism has not started when Margaret Thatcher was elected as Prime Minister but a few years before when she took the lead of the Conservative Party. At that time, nobody expected her to change so many things and there were probably some prejudices because she was a woman and the first and only one to become Prime Minister. Nevertheless, her politics became very popular with the British electorate because she was much implicated and did not hesitate to put some restrictions within the Government itself in order to try to bring the United Kingdom out of the crisis. So this paper will deal with the different reasons which have contributed to make Thatcherism so popular with the British electorate such as the crisis of 1979, Thatcher's reforms but also her engagement towards the people and the country itself.
             After the Second World War, Britain was victorious but economically tired.

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