Automatic Machine

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Washing clothes by hand is a very tedious task. For centuries human beings have tried to invent different types of machines to make this chore easier. For ages, people have known that forcing water through clothes will remove dirt from them. For instance, many sea voyagers would place their dirty clothes in strong cloth bags, tie them to the ship, and toss them overboard. They would let the ship drag the bags for hours, thus washing their soiled clothes with the help of the force of water. From that period until now, there has been a significant change in washing clothes as different machines were invented and modified over a period of time. The fully automatic-washing machine that resulted from many such modifications is a boon to mankind. It saves time and energy, is safe to use, and improves the durability of clothes as compared to manual washing and the first electric washers.

In early days, without running water, gas, or electricity, even the most simplifie

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