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Two years ago I was a scrawny sixteen year old who was determent to make something of myself. With no father in my preteen years, I had no mentor to guide me for the goals that I wanted to achieve. Before I had never been determent to do anything in my life, but I knew all it would take is a little motivation. The knew something that might motivate me was boxing, and that being able to kick the crap out of someone also enticed me.

I had always wanted to get into boxing, so I thought I might check out some boxing clubs in the area The first one that I decided to go to was a small gym on the other side of town. When I walked in the first thing I noticed, besides the smell, was that all of the people training were much older than me. No one even acknowledged that I was there; so disappointed I left. The next one I decided to go to was the more popular gym; I heard that it had an excellent facility and was inexpensive. When I got there, I realized right away that this was not the place for me. First, there were too many people, second the trainers looked like overweight little league coaches. I thought, "how can someone like that teach me anything.  I didn't know of any other boxing clubs exc

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