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The invention of trucks saved many people time and strain in life. Trucks have many purposes and are able to do many things. I would like to buy a truck one day, that is why I have chosen these three truck ads. All of these vehicles attract all sorts of buyers, but the Ford and Dodge interest older, settled in men, and the Nissan leans towards younger man.

The first ad that I have chosen is an ad selling the Ford F-150 pickup truck. In this ad the Ford F-150 is pretty much directed towards any man. The picture in the ad shows the truck covered in mud. The mud resembles off-roading and having a great time getting dirty. The color of the truck is maroon. This color enables the mud stick out and makes the truck eye catching, so it's hard to pass by this page without checking it out. The F-150 in the ad is parked on an angle as it just came back from a long day of traveling off-road and having a good time. The truck is parked in a blank room that has a light blue background. This is so the viewer just concentrates on the truck and what it can do. The 4x4 pickup truck can be a luxury family vehicle or it also may be an off-road work horse.

This ad was also taken from the "Stuff  magazine. Being a

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