William Wordsworth criticism

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William Wordsworth's selective Word Choice in

"I wandered lonely as a cloud 

In the process of creating a poem, word choice and diction can be very relevant to the meaning of the poem itself. The rhythm and sound of the poem can heavily influence the meaning, but can also distract from the subject matter if the word choice clashes with the topic, or theme of the poem. William Wordsworth's creation "I wandered lonely as a cloud,  establishes a connection between the subject matter and the word choice a reader might expect from a formal Romantic poet. The meaning of the poem itself does not create the poem, but also the rhythm and rhyme, and the impeding importance of the word choice and diction.

In creating the effective mood and feelings for his poem, Wordsworth's poetical word choice is essential in developing and maintaining the iambic quadrameter present throughout the piece. Wordsworth's "Italianate form, reveling in its compression and the artistic demands of its rhyme scheme  (Watson 24), forced the poet to become adverse to many word choices as well as sentence structures. Two word contractions Wordsworth uses to preserve the meter and rhyme scheme

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