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nature in blake and wordsworth

            Both these poems were written at around the turn of the 19th century, in Georgian times, to illustrate the authors' views on the City of London. At this time, the industrial revolution was underway and there was vast growth in the population, due to medical advances and people having more children. In my opinion, they are both scathing attacks on both the City and its inhabitants. However, in conventional interpretation, the words in the Wordsworth poem are taken at face value.
             Both Poems use their structure to emphasise the words in them. William Blake's 'London' is written in four, four line stanzas. Each line of each verse has the same number of syllables; this creates a regimented, almost mechanical effect. It uses alternate line rhyming to make the poem sound regular. This system also acentuates the last word of each line. Each verse of the Blake poem attacks a different aspect of London. It is clear that Blake found London a very corrupt and immoral place.
             Whereas in contrast Wordsworth's poem is written in the form of an Italian sonnet The octave of which describes the man made elements of the city, the last sextet refers to natural beauty. This poem also uses alternate line rhyming to create the effect of order. It is written in prose using iambic pentameter. This device brings attention to emphasizes the meaning of the rhyming words.
             Both poets use different symbolism to convey their ideas to the reader. Wordsworth shows his feelings for London in a figurative way . He personifies the sun, river and the city. He allows them to perform human functions such as wearing clothes. He continues this simile giving the river 'a will', something which is unique to people. He says 'The City now doth like a garment wear the beauty of the morning' This gives the impression that the city is alive, not just an inanimate collection of buildings. I interpret this personification to mean that the city takes the beauty of the morning to disguise it dirtiness and ugliness.

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