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Romantic Era Literature

            Between the dates of 1789 to 1824, British authors began to write with their hearts, rather than their heads. Logic, structure, and rationality are eliminated in this era, and writers began to create works formed around humanity. Texts reflected the ideas crafted around an overall purpose and incorporated their existing consciousness into each piece of material. British writers such as William Blake, William Wordsworth and John Keats creatively played upon nature, human moods specifically with regard to spontaneity on thoughts and actions, and their overall intellectual awakening to produce works that mirrored natural language and free flowing, unstructured dialogue. All of this was based on the objective of creating a work that transcended expression rather than mechanical conventions of diction and form. Starting with Blake, who is claimed as spearheading this era and being platformed as the pioneer of these authors, a new literary role was formed which exemplified borderless, free flowing tests which centered around the freedom within the imagination.
             One of Blake's early works entitled To the Evening Star- embodied all of the above literary trends associated with the Romantic Era. Blake wrote this work with raw emotion and expressed it through fierce tone and lively proclaims. "Thy bright torch of love; thy radiant crown; Put on, and smile upon our evening bed!- Through this statement, Blake places a subjective feeling upon natures mood, referencing a star as having the capacity to smile- and furthermore, personifying a star to become a definable metaphor for happiness. In addition, this statement also radiates Romantic Era author's tendencies to include impulsive thoughts to express their enthusiasm over an idea. .
             Another author that falls within this category is that of William Wordsworth. Wordsworth, notorious for having natural righteousness, created works that placed emotion on objective natural states or entities.

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